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​  Decluttering your Candle Collection

​ Decluttering your Candle Collection

I often hear from so many customers. "I should not buy another candle, I have way to many that I have not used!"

So the question back is "why are you not using your candles?". Stashing them in a drawer, forgetting about them and then realizing much later that "wow, I have a lot of candles!"

And it can be easy to accumulate a large collection of candles. So many Styles, Scents and Brands to choose from, it is an easy indulgence to pick up for yourself while out shopping.

Just like many things in the New Year, clearing your candle stash could be another task on your list to do. While it might seem mundane with the thought of another declutter process it can be delightful.

Just like uncovering a forgotten box of letters and pictures, re-discovering your stash is sure to evoke memories- Where did I buy this?, This smell reminds me of..., Why did I ever buy this?, I can't stand this smell!.

So what can you do with your collection?. Here are a few ideas

  • Try to use up what you have, burn your candles in places you would not have thought of before; around the dinner table in the winter creates a soothing ambiance, use them camping (Lavender Vanilla in the woods? fabulous!), Working at your desk to evoke a bit of inspiration.
  • Have a few jars that are near the bottom of the jar, but you love the smell?. If you have a flameless burner, take a butter knife, chip out the wax from the jar and burn in your melter.
  • Don't forget to recycle your candle jars if you are not going to re-use the jars
  • Consider gifting your friends with your overstock. Your stash is perfect for last minute gifts to friends.
  • Group collections of candles, sell them on Kijiji or Facebook Buy & Sell boards. 
  • Re-design your jars to fit into your decor. There are many boards on Pinterest to give creative inspiration. Check out boards such as Candle Luminaries (and don't forget find us on there as well)

By trying out a few of these tips, hopefully you will be able to re-organize and get back some much needed space- for more candles!

What other ways do you use to reduce your collection?