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Are you getting your moneys worth?

Are you getting your moneys worth?

Posted by Colleen - Natura Soylights on 3rd Aug 2014

Beware of that affordable Soy candle....

I have noticed while out shopping recently (such a treat to get out of the workshop!), the influx of very affordable Soy candles on the shelves.

The appealing colors defiantly caught my interest. Then came the enticing names and price tag!. How could a Soy candle cost so little?

It can cost very little when it is not a true Soy candle. Many candles found at your local grocery or big box store are Soy Blends.

Soy wax candles can be called Soy candles even if they are as little as 25% soy or vegetable wax.

What is the difference between a Soy Blend and a Soy Candle?

A Soy Blend candle is not a true Soy candle. Many are blended with Paraffin (to which is why the candle is very affordable). Some candle companies even consider their candles to be "soy candles" even though they are "blended" with paraffin wax. Included in that Blend could also contain stearic acid—to which could be animal-derived fat from meatpacking plants.

Double check the label to see if it is really a blend!. If this is a concern, read ingredient lists or request more information before buying!

I checked the label at the store. Thankfully the manufacturer did disclose that the candle was a Soy Blend. Not all do and I appreciate that they disclosed this information.

We strive to make our candles affordable, but will never be at the same price point as to what you will find at a major box store or grocery chain. Our Soy Candles are made from 100% all natural waxes, which are Soy & Vegetable and handcrafted, never from a factory.