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Wedding decor with Candles

Wedding decor with Candles

So you have your venue picked out, colors selected and are working on planning the little details to enhance your decor.

Incorporating Soy candles into your wedding decor is Eco Friendly and can be an inexpensive, and classy way to evoke a feeling of romance and create intimate ambiance. Plus by decorating this way, it saves by not having to use many costly floral centrepieces.

Some of the more typical ways to use candles for your big day include: votives or tealights in glass holders placed at your reception tables. make sure these are strategically placed to avoid potential of burning overhead flowers or leaves!

If your reception is being held outdoors, place tealights in mason jars, either on your tables or wrapped in wire, hung up.

Place candles in restrooms, a great way to add style to a seemingly stale place.

A lovely way to honor someone who has passed and could not be here. Try a tall glass candle with a photo or inscription wrapped around it.

Avoid tall taper candles. They are MESSY!, typically dripping wax all over tablecloths, flowers and even yourself!. Pillar candles can also invoke the same mess. The promise of dripless candles are just that, a promise. If any kind of draft, breeze blows by, these candles become a mess of wax.

We offer a lot of ideas on our Pinterest board. From Rustic wedding decor to classy, there is so much to find and try out.

Along with your style of candle, consider adding a scent. Just like your flowers, your guests will remember the fragrance. Consider a few things when choosing a scent; your location and the time of year.

For Spring & Summer weddings, choose softer notes like Jasmine, Rose or Lavender And for the Fall & Winter, spice and wood notes such as Sandalwood, Frankincense and Ginger will warm up any event.

Beware, however, the overpowering nature of hundreds of scented candles. If you do choose scented options, and you’ll want to carefully consider that, choose only a few and mix them with unscented plain candles of the same color. You want your guests to pick up on a hint of a fragrance, not be completely overwhelmed by one

If you are mixing different scented candles, make sure each is in a different location. The scent in your reception could differ from that in your dining area. The restroom is also a great place to put some.

Feeling overwhelmed with ideas, we can help. From creating a custom color on your candles to selecting the perfect scent, we can help create something fabulous for your special day.