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Natura Soylights is based in Okotoks, Alberta, Canada.


We strive to create products GUARANTEED to please. All of our candles are individually hand-crafted using our exclusive blends of the highest quality soy wax and scents inspired by nature. These recipes have been tested to find the right blends for the best scent and burn.

Our containers will burn clean (no wax left on the sides), as well as our votives when used in a tight-fitting votive holder. For further information, visit our candle burning tips page, so that you get the best and safest burn from your Natura Soy candles.


Natura Soy candles are BIODEGRADABLE, and spilled wax cleans up with soap and water. Our wicks are LEAD FREE and made from COTTON or PAPER. We offer container recycling by refilling any container candles purchased.


Made by Nature and crafted by people.


We put an emphasis on conducting business in an ETHICAL, responsible, and ECOLOGICAL way. In addition this means nearly everything is either RE-USED or RECYCLED!


  • We RE-USE all of our boxes and packaging material whenever possible.
  • All material is domestically or North American sourced!
  • We use only Pure Plant based Scents!. No "Premium Grade Fragrance Oils" including Synthetics
  • We encourage our customers to refill their empty glass containers & RECYCLE their tea light holders.

Let us know if you are looking for a scent or item not featured. We will do our best to accommodate special requests!

Our Soy Wax:

  • 100% vegetable, made from 100% Pure Soybeans.
  • Made in the USA with Domestically grown crops
  • ALL NATURAL and biodegradable.
  • Contains No petroleum, palm, or paraffin products.
  • Contains No pesticides and NO herbicides.
  • NOT tested on animals (doesn’t include our dogs who can’t resist sampling the wax!).



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