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Lights out- Ways to celebrate Earth Hour

This coming Saturday, March 19th, millions of people across the world will turn off all non-essential lights during 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. local time for Earth Hour 2016. How do you plan on spending your hour?

If you’re willing and excited to participate, then you might as well take your environmentally friendly contribution all the way up to the next level by unplugging completely from most of modern technology during this time. Try lighting up your evening with a few tealight or votive candles and getting creative with some candlelit activities.

Break out the board games. Invite the whole family to gather around the table to play cards, Scrabble, or another favourite game.

Read a book. Take advantage of the peace and quiet by curling up with that book you picked up so long ago but never got around to reading.

Write in a journal. Writing by hand unleashes your creativity better than typing on a keyboard does, and journaling your thoughts is a very therapeutic activity.

Meditate. If you’re spending the night alone, Earth Hour couldn’t be a better time to do some inner growth work by sitting quietly and just being the present moment.

Listen to the radio. Got an old battery-powered radio stashed away somewhere? Dig it out and use it to tune in to talk radio or some good music.

Tell stories. Take advantage of this tech-free time by sharing stories about past events and beloved memories with your family or friends.

Grab your lover!- Spend an hour in bed! Whats more romantic than that?. Lights out and candles on?

Stare out the window at the stars. Take a peek out the window to see if the rest of the neighbourhood has joined you for Earth Hour. If they have, that lack of artificial light will make it easier to do some stargazing.

Serve h’ordoerves. They require little cooking and you can get the whole family involved in helping out to prepare them.

Roast some marshmallows by candlelight. Grab a fork or chopstick and roast away. Perhaps make sure you have an unscented candle to avoid the possibility of flavoring your marshmallow.

Most of the above activities can be made more fun (and more visible) by placing candles directly on the table or safely out of reach on flat surfaces of nearby furniture. And by choosing all natural candles made from 100% non-toxic and carbon-neutral soy wax, you can be certain that even your natural lighting solution will contribute to a healthier environment.

Wishing you and your family a happy and fun-filled Earth Hour!