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Make every day Earth Day

    This Friday, April 22nd, is Earth Day. Despite how beneficial it is for the entire world to come together once every year to celebrate and demonstrate our love for the environment, we shouldn’t look at it as just one day where we have to step up our eco-conscious responsibilities.

    Instead, Earth Day should serve as a fresh reminder for what we’ve already been doing to help the planet and what else we can do to improve. Earth Day may just be one day, but what it truly represents is our long-term commitment to sustainable, eco-friendly living.

    Here are just three great ways to make every day Earth Day.

    Cleanse and maintain the air quality in your home with air-purifying houseplants.

    Indoor air pollutant levels can be 2 to 5 times worse than outdoors. While our candles are all non-toxic, biodegradable and clean-burning, various toxins and pollutants may still permeate the air throughout your home from other sources like wood and oil, building materials and even what you track in from outside.

    Certain species of plants — like the spider plant, snake plant, red-edged dracaena and others — can be brought into your home and used to purify the air of toxins naturally. The best part is that most are pretty cheap to buy and easy to maintain.

    Replace common air fresheners, perfumed cosmetics and toxic cleaning products with all natural varieties.

    Speaking of indoor air quality, anything that’s unnaturally scented or contains a lot of chemicals is undoubtedly going to add to poor air quality and possibly even mild health problems. PLan to dispose of all your air fresheners, crappy cosmetics and toxic cleaning products in the most eco-friendly way possible by recycling as many plastic, glass or paper bottles and containers as you can.

    If you enjoy scented products, do your research on eco-friendly brands and choose products naturally scented with essential oils. Our candles are scented with pure essential oils only and contain no aromatic additives.

    Reduce your use of plastic materials.

    Plastic is a toxin-carrying, non-biodegradable material that contributes to excessive waste and is harmful to wildlife. Consuming foods and beverages that come packaged in plastic may even put you at risk of also consuming phthalates, BPA and other potential endocrine-disrupting toxins that seep out of the plastic and are absorbed by the edible/drinkable contents.

    Make a commitment to purchase as many products as you can that are packaged in glass or recyclable paper materials only. Since we take sustainable packaging very seriously around here, all of our candles are packaged with minimal recycled materials and zero plastic.

    Remember — every day really is Earth Day. It just never hurts to have the annual reminder!