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Patio life without the pests

Ask anyone how to keep the bug’s away while outside and the first response is always, Citronella candles. But how many of us really like the smell of Citronella. Probably few, just as few as the bugs.

We get many questions about if we make citronella candles. We don’t make them. Mainly because we make so many other scents that work just as well to help keep the bugs away while enjoying the outdoors.

Just like our candles, there are many plants that you can use around your patio and garden that help to repel pesky bugs. Here are a few that we love:


Just like the multitude of recipes that it can be used in, Basil is great to keep out on your patio. Basil gives off a natural scent without having to crush the leaves. Plus, use it on your skin for an even better skin repellent. Just pinch off some leaves, crush and rub into your skin.


I love to keep these around my vegetable gardens. Marigolds contain an ingredient commonly found in many insect repellents. The compound, Pyrethrum, along with Myrtle oil has been studied to be more effective than typical DEET repellents. Something to think about when looking for natural sprays. Keep potted Marigolds near entrances to your home to keep bugs from going past.


Ahh, the most prized scent of them all. While many of us love the soft, relaxing scent, mosquito's do not!. Keep pots of this fragrant beauty around your patio, front door or even try planting perennial types to keep in your garden. And just like Basil, pinch off a few leaves, rub into your skin and transport yourself into a calming bliss all while keeping the bugs away.


Commonly used to enhance flavor in cooking, Rosemary has many more uses than just that.The potted plant as well as cuttings both have purposes for repellent. Enjoying a campfire but hate the bugs, toss in some Rosemary cuttings. While it will enhance the fragrance of your campfire, it’s scent is very unattractive to bugs. And who doesn’t love that!


Peppermint oil has been tested as an effective insecticide. But just likes its oil, the leaves also serve as a fabulous repellent. Keep potted plants on hand on your deck. Not only are the leaves great to add for a refreshing Iced Tea or Mojito, but also try crushing a few leaves to release the oils when bugs get severe.


There was a reason why Gramma loved these flowers so much! Not just for their beautiful blooms, but the typical Lemon scented variety is similar to Citronella. Keep them in planters, just make sure to prune regularly.

Lemon Balm  

A member of the Mint family, Lemon Balm has a delightful scent of both Lemon and Mint. Not only does it make for a soothing, relaxing cup of iced tea (just crush some leaves, add in iced tea) , it is great for keeping mosquito's away while attracting beneficial insects such as Butterfly’s and Bees.

The leaves are also great to crush in your hand and rub on your skin for a quick insect repellent. Lemon Balm is best grown in pots as it can be invasive if left to its own in a garden.

Just like the beneficial oils of the above mentioned plants, Natura Soylight candles are made using only pure, plant based scents. 

Many of our candles contain some great scents that help keep bugs away. We recommend certain scents such as Ginger Root & Lemon, Eucalyptus Mist, Lavender Dream, Pome Sage. Plus, bugs are more drawn to white lights, yellow lights such as candlelight, help keep them away.

So combine these beautiful plants along with some Natura Soylight candles and you are sure to enjoy the most out of your patio this season!