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Botanica Collection

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Our Botanica Collection candles are your chance to enjoy a very limited run of special edition, aromatherapy scents - including some special concoctions like Cacao Mint or Frankincense & Myrrh.

These special aroma blends are infused with 100% pure plant based soy wax, hand poured, hand packaged, and shipped with minimal eco-conscious packaging.

As with all Natura Soy candles, all Botanica scents are made with natural essential oils.

Why Botanica Collection:

  • Unique scents only in Botanica collection
  • Frankincense & Myrhh has to be the most traditional Christmas candle ever :)
  • Cacao mint makes a great pet candle 
  • Nice value for medium sized jar candle


  • Cacao mint: great fresh & yummy year-round scent 
  • Frankincense & Myrrh / Ginger spice: perfect for cozy fall & winter evenings
  • Lavender Chamomile: Awesome for relaxation at any time


  • Burn time: 45+ hours
  • 7 oz pure soy wax

Burning Tips:

  • Let the wax pool up to the edge of the jar on first burn, and remember to trim your wick regularly 
  • These jars can be reused for all kinds of creative decorations :)


** Founders Note:

“These scents turned out amazing but we can only do so many blends - so once they’re gone they’re gone!”

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