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Soy Pillar - Large

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These unscented soy pillar candles are a good choice if you’re looking for a gently-lit ambience and long burn time, but without the aroma.

This is a minimalist candle for the true purist - just natural, hand-poured and unscented soy wax, finished with a cotton wick.

Pillar candles are meant to be burned without a container. They burn slowly down the center, and avoid any messy drips.

As the flame sits inside the candle body, these produce less light than jar candles - but since the wax is translucent, the light shines through for a unique soft orange glow.

Pillars are a good choice if you're used to jar candles and are in the mood for something with a clean, unique style. 

Also available in medium size.

Why Large Soy Pillar:

  • One of our longest burning candles (over 85 hours!)
  • Unscented - just pure soy wax
  • Unique look, unique orange glow when lit
  • Used to glass jar candles? Try something new! 


  • 85+ hour burn time
  • Pure unscented soy wax

Customer Review:

"I love these candles! The fragrances are pleasant yet I am the biggest fan of the unscented candles. The unscented candles make a great gift for my mother who cannot tolerate scents. VERY clean burning!"

Burning Tips:

  • Keep wick trimmed for optimal candle health
  • Time to retire your pillar candle when there's about 1" of wax left below the wick

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